Illumis Lights elected to focus upon LED filament light bulbs to utilise their expertise in driverless technology in 2014.

The impetus for this was taken from lighting designers who were sending a very clear message in that they were weary of manufacturers imposing products upon them rather than responding to their requirements.

Legislation in February 2016 in Europe has forced the cessation of sales of conventional incandescent filament bulbs in favour of LEDs, Illumis has developed their technology in response to the lighting designers’ requests.

Illumis set themselves two major objectives:

1. The first to achieve reliable dimmer compatibility in Europe with the myriad of dimmers that are
available, both conventional and LED.
2. The second to mimic the warming of light when the bulb is dimmed.

We have achieved both, having developed our boards to provide the broadest dimmer compatibility in the market today. We have achieved compatibility with 90% of the conventional European dimmers, both leading and trailing edge. We exceed the requirements of our major bulb supplying customers!

Our stepped dimming capability, Comfort Dim, mimics the incandescent lamps ability to warm as it is dimmed!

Your project need no longer be ruined by poor performing LED bulbs!

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